Finish my story! πŸ“š

 Hey everyone, welcome to Blogging Challenge #3! It is a short story about emojis! Enjoy :)

My emojis: 

I got this emoji HERE

I got this emoji HERE 

There was once a poodle named Prissy, and her name fit her quite well. She was a bit bossy and when she decided not to do something, then you were NOT going to do it!  

The thing was, Prissy had a dream. I'm not sure if all dogs have dreams, but Prissy did. Prissy had a dream to sing on a stage in front of a lot of people. She wanted to show people that she could sing and that she loved to sing. She knew that she was going to do it and that know one could stop her. 

Every day, she did voice exercises, trying to reach every not she could. With practice, her voice was getting stronger and clearer. 

One day, her neighbor Missy, a brown labrador asked her if she would give her and her friends a show. They had heard her singing one day and wanted to hear more. 

Prissy was very nervous and not sure if she should do it or not. On one paw, she thought that this was the next step to reaching her goal. On the other paw, she thought that she needed a little more practice and would just embarrass herself. She asked Missy if she could think about it and let her know by tomorrow. Missy said of course. 

Prissy was torn. She had no idea what to do! 


Sorry guys! Cliffhanger! I would love to know how you would finish this story, let me know in the comments. 

Maybe I will post the ending after I get some comments :) mwahaha sorry i'm so evil. 

Hope you enjoyed!